About Us

Woolliams Farms Ltd. is a Progressive 5th generation Grain and Hay Farm in the Rocky View County area.

Woolliams Farms Ltd. is a family-run operation with strong core family values and treats everyone involved as family. We have a great crew of men and women that work alongside of us who treat our operation as if it was their own. We are continually trying to grow a brighter future for our Families, Community and for the next generation of Farmers!

Our team works hard to create maximum efficiency and productivity, we encourage all our employees to bring forward any ideas and skill set they may have. We strive to create a very welcoming, supportive, and safe work environment for all involved.

We are very community orientated with the Woolliams family being generational members of the Airdrie 4-H Beef and Sheep Club. Larry and Kortney’s kids have been members of the Airdrie 4-H Beef and Sheep Club for over 10 years, Larry was also one of the club’s Project leaders for 7 years. We are a dedicated supporter at the 4-H on Parade livestock auction and purchase animals each year in support of the 4-H kids.

Woolliams Farms Ltd. became a member of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce with the focus of promoting the agriculture sector so more people can be educated about where their food comes from and how high-tech the farms/ranches really are.