Helping Our Community

Our Family and Woolliams Farms Ltd. is also in support of helping the Airdrie Health Foundation advocate for a Hospital for our Community and surrounding area. With the continual growth in our community, it is critical we step up and assist in securing medical services to all in the community and surrounding towns to avoid the long wait times in Calgary.

We put on our first annual Charity Golf Classic in July 2023 at Woodside Golf Course in Airdrie to raise money for Farmers Mental Health. We partnered with the Airdrie Health Foundation, University of Alberta and AgKnow, all funds raised went to The Airdrie Health Foundation and University of Alberta.

The University of Alberta has developed some cutting-edge Robotic technology to help connect rural folks with specialists without having to make the trip into the closest city. We committed to paying a total of $50,000 to fund the University of Alberta’s project for the next 5 years. We then committed the balance of the funds raised to the Airdrie Health Foundation for putting on Mental Health sessions and our main goal is to eventually raise enough money to have a room setup in the Airdrie Health Foundation with a Doctor and support team that understands Agriculture and the stresses that we go through so we can all have some unanimous support.