Research & Innovation

At Woolliams Farms Ltd. is continually learning to improve we as well are dedicated to growing the best crops in the most sustainable way. We consider ourselves stewards of the land as it all starts with the soil and how you treat it. We believe in using the best and purest seed each year to mitigate disease and help set up the best yield potential for the year as well as the following year. Our practices consist of a minimal till to zero-tillage approach depending on the area of the land to help increase soil health.

We have implemented several advanced and innovative tools to help with Regenerative Agriculture and lesson our carbon footprint in the agriculture industry. This includes GPS Referenced Soil Sampling, Yield Mapping, Sectional Control, Variable Rate, GPS Autosteer, Satellite Imagery, Drone Mapping Technology, and the use of Straw Bunches (AJ Manufacturing Inc) for cattle to graze, this practice helps to increase the soil organic matter.

With these technologies we are committed to Regenerative Agriculture and lessening our carbon footprint. Following the 4R’s of Nutrient Guidelines helps to Optimize on growing the best crops we can by using the proper Fertilizers, Herbicides, Pesticides, and fungicides provided by our trained Agronomists.

With all the tools that we have at our disposal we can make more informed decisions on what to grow and how to grow it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are diverse in crop Rotations consisting of Barley, Wheat, Peas, Canola and Forage crops. This helps to minimize plant disease, increase soil health and in turn improves better plant health.

Every year we engage in many different field trials to learn and to help advance the agriculture sector forward as a whole. We work closely with many different reputable companies whether it’s Seed, Fertilizer or Chemical. This is how we remain current and stay on top of the latest upcoming products to the industry. We will also learn how all these different products work in our area and how we can produce more with less passes. We are always striving to stay on the leading edge of agriculture.

Woolliams Farms Ltd. uses the most up to date equipment that is available on the market today to be as efficient as possible. This then equates to less fuel being used, less passes, less compaction, therefore being more environmentally friendly by lessening our Carbon Footprint. We have all our own logistical fleet to haul grain, bales, fertilizer, gravel as well as service trucks. We keep a significant number of parts on hand to keep our equipment running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We have a large amount of grain storage whether its bin, bags, or end users to handle all that we can produce.